Sports Handicapping, You Need a System If You're Going to Start Winning

Sports Handicapping, You Need a System If You’re Going to Start Winning

Every sports bettor who is serious about making a profit must have a system. No one ever wins on a consistent basis without a handicapper. The handicappers at sportsoffer handicapping systems that win. The reason they win is betting objectively, not because they have inside sources or inside information.

Having a system is not a problem at all. With The Sports Betting Champ system, you can win more than any other system I know. Even though the system doesn’t offer a specific way to win each sports bet, the specific systems that do show up are very good systems. They can win between 97 and 100% of the bets. They may not be a get rich quick scheme, but if you are betting every day and want to make a profit, these are the systems to follow.

The biggest problem most people have when it comes to betting on sports is that they bet with their emotions. Never place a bet if you are angry, depressed, or excited. Never bet if you want to get rich quick. Only bet if you know you have a solid plan and you are willing to follow it. placing bets while under the influence of alcohol is a sure fire way to lose your money.

The Sports Betting Champ was developed by John Morrison (, a Cornell University graduate. He combined his PhD in Statistics with his love of sports to develop a formula that wins 97% of his bets. When you think you can win 97% of your bets, you know you have a system that works. I was skeptical at first, but once you use the system and see that it wins consistently, you will be happy you did.

John Morrison has a blog where he has written about many different sports, including MLB, NBA, and NFL. Now if you will read some of those blogs, you will see that he has done very well betting on sports. This is an additional bonus to his system that shows how seriously he took it.

Once you start checking some of the losers, you will see why betting is not about luck. The losers will tell you that there is no way to win every bet. They will use crazy systems and leave themselves open for personal error. They don’t take sports betting seriously enough. If you can win at sports betting, you don’t need a crazy system or a foolproof betting system. You just need to follow the system and bet the same way the system tells you to.

By flipping a coin, you will definitely lose more than once. The coin has no memory. So if you think you can predict what will happen next, you are wrong. Perhaps the only way to win every bet is to bet with no emotion. This way, you can trust the system and still win money.

This is the way the losers will tell you to bet. They like to feel they have a heavy betting strategy, when in fact, they have no strategy at all. Simply bet against your favorite team every time you think that they might lose. You may not win every bet, but you sure can make a lot of money!

How to Win at Baccarat Using Flat Betting

How to Win at Baccarat Using Flat Betting

Why most gamblers lose money at baccarat and how to win at baccarat using flat betting.

Most gamblers have a curious view of baccarat – that is, they believe that this game is a high-paying game of cards, which is kind of funny if you think about it. Yet, what they don’t tell you is that this game is very much like poker in terms of the psychology required to succeed. Maybe you think that because it’s so different that it will be hard to learn but the game is actually a lot easier that poker. Furthermore, the cards have no real value so you have to utilize baccarat strategy to be a winner.

Of the two, which is easier to learn and easier to win at baccarat? The American version or the European one. The European version is just a lot easier in terms of playing, and much easier to understand in terms of learning the tactics and betting methods. Nonetheless, if you have no money to waste, the American version is a good place to start, the odds are a lot better, and the house edges are much smaller.

First, you need to be familiar with the odds, which are the chances you have of winning. Most casinos, whether land-based or online, are printed with tables of reference. You will find the odds on the upper part of the page, the “dealer” or “house” margin to the left of the betting area. If the “dealer” is a solid line, the odds are about even. With a house edge of 7.89%, the house will pay you $1,000 to $1. The European version of baccarat has a little bit more in favor of the house, but not by much. Therefore, if you want to win at baccarat, you would be better off making your bets in the European version.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that baccarat is played with a number of decks of cards – not just one. This is the same as poker. If you don’t have a good hand, you can’t bet on it. Keep that in mind when you’re betting.

Now, you need to know the values of the various cards in a deck of cards. The card values are as follows: Ace is one point, face cards are ten points each, and all others are worth their face value. When you go to get cards, you turn your cards over and the value of the cards is compared. For example, a card valued 8 is considered to be 8. If your cards total 9, 10 or more, you win. Using this, you can bet on your hand, which is easier to do in the online version of the game.

Betting on the 7Meter

If you’re betting on the banker, everything starts out with a bet on the bank. If you’re the banker, you’re allowed to bet on the amount you think the banker’s hand will be. The casino allows you to bet up to the value of it you want to bet, which is usually the amount the banker will bet. If you’re the banker, you’re betting on the hand, which may be on your next hand, and so on.

You also have the option to bet on the players, if you think they will win or lose by betting more money.

Payouts and Winnings

Once you bet on the table, the dealer deals out the cards. If your hand value is less than the dealers hand value, you will lose. Remember, the banker plays with the hand, not with yours. Each round the dealer draws a new card until they get to the value of 17 or more. When you see the dealers card, you add it up to see if you won. However, the dealer usually keeps the last cards on the table so you may not win.

The good thing about baccarat is that the house pays out the most. Even if you bet on the banker, you only lose a set amount. The house edge is only 1.36% and it certainly is worth taking a chance.

It isn’t called baccarat for nothing. The name comes from a pun on the word for zero, baccarat. Although the game is simple, there is a certain glamour around it, and many high-rolling gamblers have been known to play baccarat in glamorous casinos.

Poker Tournaments - Gap Concept

Poker Tournaments – Gap Concept

Sometimes in tournaments there come times when a special situation arises. One of these situations can be defined as the ” gap concept” which refers to a situation where a game strategy used in normal play is suddenly and randomly enforced in a tournament.

The basic scenario is the steal-raise.

So, what is the difference between a normal steal-raise and the steal-raise in a tournament? Well, the normal raise is normally a re-raiseSetting a trap. But when you make a steal-raise, you are not re-raising your opponent. You are stealing your own blind and attempting to take down the pot pre-flop since normally you would not be getting near the flop.

The difference between a normal steal-raise and the steal-raise in a tournament is simply the hand you are playing. You are playing a weaker hand than usual, but when you raise you are not attempting to flop anything and you are making a move pre-flop. This causes a lot of problems for your opponents because they have no idea how strong your hand is.

They have the real possibility that you could have something, even if you do not want them to think that. You have to come out swinging and with a big raise or re-raise they could be taken by surprise and not know if they are behind or not.

Stages of the tournament are also dependent on the difference in strength. In early levels the difference is very small because the blinds are so small. In middle stages the blinds are coming around much more often and the stacks are larger. In the latter stages the blinds are coming in so often that its not worth the risk to constantly raise and re-raise. In the blinds you rarely raise and most of the time only do a re-raise if you want to steal the blinds. The only time you should raise pre-flop is if you have a premium hand.

Basically, an all-in re-raise whenever you hit a premium hand is the key to success in bola88 strategy. You should also establish if your opponents are prepared to call or not. If they call, you can play by their rules. If they fold, you don’t have to worry, you took their stack.

But if you miss your flop then you have to be prepared to either give up the hand or continue the gamble. giving up is the hardest thing to do because you have invested a lot of money into the pot and you don’t want to let it down. But if you have to call and you win the pot you will be happy with the call because you have taken down an easy pot.

This can be a strategy to keep in mind because you don’t want to cut corners in the later stages of the tournament when the blinds are really big and you can’t afford to make a mistake. If you don’t have a premium hand and you think you have the best hand pre-flop then go ahead and put in a big raise, you’ll likely get a call.

In conclusion, when you raise pre-flop in blinds and you get called you can assume your hand is not the best hand. When you raise pre-flop in big blinds and you get called you can assume your hand is the best hand. The reason why most raises pre-flop go in the blinds is a lot of players traditionally don’t like going for blinds most times they don’t have premium hands. Making a small raise to get heads up with an all in situation is the best way to win a big pot. A re-raise to scare away opponents will make your opponents call you regardless of what they have.

How to Play Blackjack in Casinos - Casino Blackjack Rules

How to Play Blackjack in Casinos – Casino Blackjack Rules

If you are looking for tips on how to play blackjack in casinos, then read this. You will learn the basic casino blackjack rules.

You need to have the knowledge on how to play blackjack. Casino blackjack rules are fairly simple. Just like poker, blackjack is the most played card game in the world. It is a card game which involves the highest card total from the deck and the players should beat the dealer. There are different variations of blackjack games. But, some of the most played blackjack games are blackjack, team stud poker, team split poker, high roller blackjack, Spanish 21, Vegas double action, and anticipations.

Casino blackjack rules are the same for residents and tourists. Some of the terms and conditions of these blackjack games are similar. However, there are huge differences. The main difference is that there is no splitting of the cards. The game of blackjack is played against the dealer. The counting system is done in the main deck. When you split the card, you can either give the dealer half of the total or all of the cards. At that time, you will have the option to either surrender half of the bet or all of the cards.

At the beginning, the dealer will hand out cards one by one. The cards handed out by the dealer are not always the winning card. The strategy for winning a game is through the planning of the strategy card. You should study all the available cards. There are many important cards like the dealer’s cards, your cards, as well as the dealer’s down card. In order to plan effectively, you should assess the possibilities of each card disaster. If you have not done so, you can be a threat to your own strategy.

Blackjack strategy comes when you master the art of card counting. This is done when you are aware of the cards which are already dealt. You know the sequence of cards released. You can then categorize each card into a group. The numbers will then be high – signifying cards which are favorable to you. At the same time, you have to remember that some cards have the same numbers. This is to make the game interesting and easy. Then, you should choose cards that are related to you or to the dealer.

There are also some card counting techniques. These are the Hi-Lo counting method and the Red Seven counting method. The Hi-Lo method is more complicated. You have to keep track of seven cards. This can be confusing. The Red Seven method is usually more accurate. Again, both methods are complicated. The only thing you need to remember is that you have to assign the values to the cards – positive and negative. Double-zero cars do not count in the Hi-Lo system. All other cards are neutral. This is how the game is played in most casinos.

If you are interested in playing blackjack, then there are some strategies that will help you. These strategies are available in many books. The most important thing to remember is that the card counting method does not work. You can break them into two categories: playing without counting cards, and playing with the correct card counting method.

Playing card counting is not allowed. If you are caught, your playing privileges will be revoked. There are some strategies given that you can use instead of card counting. These are more precise. One of them is the Monte Carlo method. According to this method, you can predict cards that will come out. You also get the value of your cards. It depends on how many decks are used. The American table uses a five deck shoe. The game is played with 52 cards. The shoe contains 2,598,960 cards. At this table, you can print out your own personal table. It is very convenient to do so.

Another strategy is the mathematical betting. According to this method, you can tell how to place your bets in accordance to the odds. These are given by the book calledBlackjack: Theory and PracticeofWilliam recognitions. You can learn how to do it with William’s acknowledgment. This book contains a lot of useful information on this field.

There are also many other sources which can help you with your blackjack problem. We can provide you with the link to a site where you can read the reviews of a lot of books on blackjack problems by experts. Furthermore, we may offer our expertise to help you understand better the blackjack card counting methodologies. You can reach this place after searching “Dewabet books review” on Google.

Oh The Thrill and Despair of Gambling

Oh The Thrill and Despair of Gambling

I sometimes wonder if it’s there to be interesting. Stupid.Psychologically it isn’t. Entertainment is selective and most people get bored andwear a little thin. Except in special circumstances like a big win, or advance in aiership tournament, or something truly extraordinary like a long shot, most people are mediocre. Except when they’re not.

Available to be talented, there’s no stopping you. No sufficient reason. No reason at all. Some people are borniuses, and they seem to do quite well at that. I’d heard of people centenetrically, and they seemed to do quite well for themselves. So there must be something about human nature that makes us do quite well in certain circumstances.

In themeess of gambling, we talk of being skilled, or being a risk taker. Of acting like a confident bodaharat player, or an aggressive sizer. Of taking calculated risks, or playing like a seasoned gambler. Of challenging yourself, or testing your luck. That’s all well and good, but there’s nothing wrong with the thought that, if you Effortlessly take a calculated risk that the result WILL be more positive than the risk, then you stand the chance of going home absolutely free.

I do a lot of work with people who have mental illnesses. Large families are often targets of aggression from family members, and from others. It’s a human condition. The idea is not to romanticize it, but to recognize that when people with mental illnesses are involved, the result can be very dangerous.

Sometimes when people win a lot of money, they become loooned. They go on a gambling binges. They start hosting impulsive gamblers that they don’t know, and that they don’t treat with the dignity of their lives. It’s a sad result of gambling prevailance. When people with mental illnesses are taking large amounts of drugs, for example, that results in either a) uncontrolled functioning, b) making poor decisions, or, c) lying to family and friends about their gambling.

Another result is that when people with mental illnesses are spending large portions of their time in MPO777, they are more likely to be the victims of increases in crime. As quoted by Thorpe, “They talk to themselves instead of to a neighbor.”

The fear of crime is a legitimate one. You may not want to have your relative with you when you’re gambling, but you’re likely to hide it or refuse to acknowledge it if it exists.mate

The second article is an overview of gambling addiction, and will discuss si below.

Study: “asty analyses suggest that casino gambling is linked to feelings of aggression, rather than to feelings of reward” – reason of action

An Review of Psychology, by Thorpe, pages 211-212

“These data suggest that outflow of money is a common mechanism behind gambling-related crime…Data from Georgia study indicate that 60% of the sample group met criteria for problem gambling at some time during the past year.” -full study here

“The presence of gambling-related mental health problems in some of the cities of New York State, has been serious and specific stress factors in certain population groups.” -New York State Gaming Control Board

“These fears are heightened by the Lacustre report, that gambling establishments near indigenous tribal areas have higher prevalence of problem gambling than elsewhere.” -Rick Betterman, Executive Director of the American Gaming Association

“More than 60 percent of call center staff indicated that, in the prior year, there had been a significant increase in the exploding problem of problem gambling in the U.S., according to a Columbia University study.” -full article here

“According to the National Gambling Impact Study, Casino shot outs, high-limit games, and Indian casinos submit nearly $680 billion to the United States and estimate the cost to local economies in intoxicated losses alone. Casino pari-mutuel revenues are estimated at $15 billion annually; horse racing $2 billion; dog racing $300 million; the dog racing track $300 million. In total, estimated, the $60 billion annually lost in gambling is $30 billion bigger than the combined revenues of manufacturers of slot machines and ofCitySquarefourthofour business.

” staggering figure” “The gaming industry has been one of the fastest growing (quickly) technological advances in recent times. This is due to the widespread of high speed internet access, coupled with a skyrocketing number of online casinos, sportsbooks and other online financial agencies. ” unleashing” of the “gaming industry” as according to

“Consequently, we are facing a multi-billion dollar industry that will only further explode with the onset of the next technological revolution (online gambling), and the subsequent forced Moves by governments to ban online gambling” suggests Daniel Negreanu in “

How to Pick Winning Powerball Numbers

How to Pick Winning Powerball Numbers

Are you looking for ways on how to pick winning Powerball numbers? Having a little luck goes a long way in this game of chance. But how to pick winning Powerball numbers are not easily available, so I came up with a few tips and strategies on how to pick winning Powerball numbers.

The first thing you need to know is the significance of contradiction. Available research indicates that contradiction is more likely to appear in the correct order than randomness. In other words, choose the combination of 4 out of 15 numbers that has 4 significant digits and you have more than a 60% chance of winning the Powerball.

Make an effort to balance your combinations. Having 15 consecutive numbers in a set can weigh them down, making it easy for unbalanced numbers to appear. An example of this is a birthday number for your family, which is considered to be the most perfect and therefore the most likely to appear. Put all your selected numbers in your combinations and you will have a higher percentage of winning the Powerball.

Another effective tip on how to pick winning Powerball numbers is to look for Cold numbers, Cold numbers, or Intermediate numbers. If you look at the previous weeks’ numbers, you can decipher which numbers are more likely to appear. Numbers that are typically delayed until the next draw are usually worth the wait. Numbers that are rarely drawn are those that have the least amount of numbers. You can find numbers that are more likely to be drawn by doing a search online for old drawing numbers.

To increase your chances of winning the Powerball, make your choices evenly spread and not centered on any one number. You also want to take into account the total of all your selected numbers. All of these tips on how to pick winning Powerball numbers will help you make a stronger hand with your Powerball and accelerate your chance of winning the big jackpot.

The odds of winning the Powerball are greater than any other lottery game but this does not mean you cannot do positive things to increase your chances, you just have to increase your chances. Going into your Powerball lottery buying, telling your grandparents that you will give them $500 as a present should be enough to make your dream of winning the Powerball come true.

Preparing your numbers is the best secret to winning the Dewatogel. Make a list of all the numbers that you have chosen or would like to play and make an order out of these numbers. I Used to have a notebook that I would write down numbers in, but I eventually got used to scratching cards so I stuck with the numbers I knew, or even random ones I felt like changing.

If you are asking “How to pick winning Powerball numbers”, The answer is as easy as, counting. If you count, you can even the odds out, which means increasing your chances of winning overall. Dlisted below are some ways of doing this.

  1. Randomly picking numbers that are close to you each week. You could either use significant dates like birthdays, anniversaries or even money numbers like 1,5,26,10,25,38. This method is a waste of paper and ink but it will give you a good idea of what numbers to pick.
  2. Going through past draws and recording the numbers that are drawn. Storing all of these numbers, whether them in a book or not, you will get a better idea of the trend in the game.
  3. Going to the halls of many of the lottery retailers and asking for the ‘quick pick’ or the ‘quick pick bracelet’. You will get a lot of information if you do this.
  4. If you have access to a computer, try generating random numbers from the computer in the comfort of your home.
  5. If you know someone who won the Powerball, or Powerball Australia, or Powerball UK Lotto and you see that he or she has changed their number, or application, better stick to it, it could be your lucky number too.
Catching Cash With Cash Accumulators

Catching Cash With Cash Accumulators

The recent rage among online gamblers world wide has been to bet on sports. The most popular has been the NFL. Betting is a lot more intense among loyal fans of certain teams that the players are playing for their jobs, not merely for the thrill of it. The income generated by betting is a lot more than the standard 50-50.

The subscriptions to sports betting are up by leaps and bounds thanks to the income generated by online gambling. The bookmakers have to pay more money to their fulfillment services than they used to in the old days. And the prospect of being able to bet for a living or even to double your money in a single game is a very attractive one.

There are many people who have decided to make sports betting their life’s work. If you want to follow in their footsteps, you can follow the successful picks or perhaps the one with the highest payout. The most reliable of all is the one picked by a fellow bettor. Fortunately, if you are not sure where to start, you can always search for the top sports betting picks independently made by someone who does it for a living.

After you choose a sports betting pick that is reliable, you need to increase your bankroll. The best way to do so is to join betting forums. connect with other like minded bettors and bet for a living with them.

But you don’t need to be a walking stranger in finding the top sports betting picks. The internet has made it easy for you find the most reliable picks by the best professionals. Furthermore, you can also find the picks by using a betting system that uses a proven yet simple way ofgraining power over the odds. Wouldn’t gambling just be too easy if it wasn’t beaten?

Top sports betting picks can be made easily if you follow the proper system. Don’t risk money if you can’t afford it and don’t go in without Protection.The most reliable picks by the professionals use a safe system that only they can put their money in. To make it, there is no need to do without it. So don’t waste your money in playing in the dark. Get the picks by following your intuition and trust your chances.

These days, anyone can make some money by betting on panen138. There are even sports betting systems that teach you how to bet like a pro and win over 90% of all your bets. Don’t fall for any of the scams that claim you will be way above 90% on your bets. Four point less than 90% is a ratio of 10,000 to 1. And with the selection of a good system, you can bet the red or the black, take your chances with the straight up bet or even bet and gamble with a system that picks for you. No need to buy a calculator just to make a decision in point spread betting.

The pros use systems and strategies to bet on sports because they make money and that is the only reason you should use systems to bet on sports. Sports betting systems are the most predictable systems that offer a higher chance of winning. With the right one, you will be sure that you will win the majority of your bets. All you need to do is find the system that works for you.

There are many different systems to bet on sports. Some of them are described in many books available on sports betting. However, the systems that work the best for you are the ones made by professionals. When you bet on sports using these systems, not only do you increase your chances of winning, you also increase your chances of walking away with some money in your pocket.

Blackjack Betting Systems - Which One Should You Use

Blackjack Betting Systems – Which One Should You Use

While searching the web a few weeks back, I came across this blog which had several interesting blackjack betting systems. Being painstakingly bored, I decided that I would log onto my account and try some of them out. I am now more convinced than ever that video slot machines are the best way to earn a living playing the slots, so I am hoping that my results here are good.

I started off with a basic online Roulette system that involved betting on black , red, odd, even or 1-18. I found this system to be quite effective as I easily doubled my money after a few hours of playing. However, these days, I found that the site was giving away far too many free credits and products for nothing. I now have a list of banned products to avoid at this site. This is yet another case of product loyalty being offer by the casino.

After losing a few hours of playing on this site, I finallyued up and continued. After a while I realized that blackjack is largely based on luck, the glint of the wheel in the lights, but I discovered that certain spins Cons Tripped me up somewhat, not the least bit. After the fun, the growing dupe was becoming apparent and I started to seriously consider the true meaning of the word “MPO500“.

I think that what a lot of people think of as entertainment is something that can be a very serious business if you deal with it the wrong way. The brainchild of Raywich would agree with this when he says that “zebras” are not people that are worthy of being called friends and should be excluded from your social circle. At best they will be making you very lazy and not fully involved in your own brain. There are plenty of other things that you can do that are more important for you to spend your time doing other things. Money should not be such a priority and should not therefore steal your attention away from appreciate this game.

I think that we all know that rich people can be generous with their time and spend a lot of their time having fun. The brainchild of Raywich would agree with this when he says that “zebras” are not people that you should invite to parties and that you should get others to do the same. At best they will be making you very lazy and not fully involved in your own brain.

I think that we all know that in life there are no guarantees of anything, that no matter how much effort you put into something, it can go missing within a blink of an eye. This is particularly true when money is involved so that you may not even notice the absence of money. This is unfortunate because a good game of blackjack can provide not only entertainment but also a bit of extra spending money.

Nothing is ever guaranteed, but blackjack is the complete opposite. The house can have a disadvantage of as much as a third of the game, only that it is the dealer and not the game that is rooting for the player to lose. The player can actually put the odds in his or her favor by following the basic blackjack strategy and card counting to some extent. It can also help to become acquainted with the different strategies that are in use in the different blackjack games available at casinos, whether at Wayang Casino or at other places.

Unlike poker, which is more of a contest of wits, blackjack is more of a contest of knowing the card value of the various possibilities. Once you start to play the game, you will realize that it is not witticism but actually a very interesting and very challenging game and that is also what makes it so popular in the world. If you are a novice at the game, there is the opportunity to learn more about it with the various different resources available on the internet. Good luck and have fun!

How to Bet on Football

How to Bet on Football

The number of people who bet on football seems to be growing every season. In some cases it is because more people across the globe are taking an interest in the game and in others people are always looking for a way to get rich quick. One thing that must be said right from the start is that there are no sure fire ways to win every bet you place, however if you know how to bet on football you can cut down on your losses and come out ahead at the end of the day. Here are 5 tips to help you win more this season.

Keep a Close Eye on Your League

More often than not it is soccer to bet on first and foremost. Because of that many people tend to bet on the biggest names in the league and as a result, most often than not you will not get a very good price on their teams. Betting on the biggest teams should generally be avoided, unless there are unforeseen circumstances which could arise.

Look for Value Bets

Lay betting can be used to great benefit when you are looking to bet on pokerrepublik. Because of the way the prices are quoted, you can often get a much higher price on a more likely outcome than you would if you were to use the traditional back bets. Of course, this is not to say you should never back a team…raise your voice and remind people of the great unpredictability of the game! Just make sure you are betting sensibly and you are choosing the best bets available.

Know Your Teams Better

Even the best football bettors study the teams that are playing more closely than the others. For the most part, this is a good thing as it can one way bettors have a little bit of an edge over those that do not. Try to avoid those that are already long in the tooth as these are likely to be a risky couple of unlucky seasons. Stay tuned to the leagues in the lower leagues and look for the ones that are doing really well.

Stay in the Game

Bankroll management, that is, the amount of money you have to play with when you begin a bet, is very important. Most articles you read will already have this covered, but it’s always worth mentioning. The longer you have to wait to make a bet, the less likely you are to win.


The more you place bets, the better you will become. Just like in any other game, practice is important. Do not think you will win every bet, but we all know that the odds work in a positively unpredictable manner.

Lastly, the most important thing to remember is that betting online is not the same as betting in a normal land based casino. The quality of the roulette wheel, cards and decks can all have a difference. When playing online roulette, you can switch between European and American wheels, which have better quality. Also, you can play without having to pay table bets, which are the fancy kinds of bets usually used in fancy casinos.

How to Make a post-flop Play

How to Make a post-flop Play

Most players do not give much thought or care to their post-flop play and there are many reasons for this. The first and most obvious is that it’s just so “easy” to make a decision about what to do with your medium-sized (or similarly sized) stack. After all, you’re in the blinds, in late position, with a half-decent hand against maybe 4 other players. Most players don’t give much thought to their post-flop play because it’s so routine. But, what they fail to realize is that when they have a good post-flop play, it makes their decisions that much easier; allowing them to make more aggressive plays later in the game when they have the best hand, as opposed to makingretty much of their post-flop play decisions in the first few blind levels.

There are some players who are definitely capable of making excellent post-flop plays. These players will most often be able to improve their post-flop play because they have a very clear idea of how to approach the game and also exactly how to play their hands after making a decision. These players will also know a lot of advanced poker strategies, including how to put an opponent on a hand, what the ideal hand is, and the position that will allow them to play their cards in.

At the intermediate level, what a player has seen on TV and has read a book about Texas Hold’em probably isn’t quite up to par with how they actually play the poker88. They may know a few or many moves by now, but unless they are playing on TV in Restaurant and Golf Jaquee or something, they haven’t quite learned all there is to know about how to make a post-flop play smartly.

There are a few basic points though that you should have figured out by now and be able to say ‘ok, I have a post-flop play here’. Add to that your own experience of the game. You can turn what you know into strong post-flop plays by fine-tuning and then incorporating into your post-flop play when you are in a later position. Your position (and thus game) will also affect whether you are playing post-flop with a good hand or not.

So, that’s it. There are a few major functions to using poker position in your post-flop play. Armed with these functions, you can make strong post-flop plays. If you miss the flop too often, you change your post-flop play and are much less likely to be called or re-raised by players looking to get in cheap. If you don’t have a strong hand, you may want to check-check or bet strong when you have a monster hand to get a cheap flop.

If you think you have a post-flop play that can’t be handled well, don’t make a post-flop play. Great post-flop plays are few and far between and the few that happen are often the diamonds in the rough. Make a note about these players. There are ones that you will be able to Challenges. Don’t hesitate to do so if you find one. Don’t be afraid to call a bet when you have a decent hand. It’s usually money well spent.