Do You Have What it Takes to be a MIT Blackjack Card Counting Professional?

These MIT guys are just going to blow your mind off with their super secret blackjack techniques to make you a MIT blackjack professional! Can you beat the MBTA? Can you run casinos like MIT? Can you HAVE the MIT blackjack card counting system? We have the answer…

Let’s first touch on why the MIT Team could be the chosen bunch of MIT blackjack card counters.

Here are some key benefits that the MIT blackjack card counting team members will bring to your table of tricks:

  1. They are seasoned professionals with superb math and card counting skills.
  2. They have excellent offices, who know exactly how to handle card counting without making a mistake.
  3. They have strong, mature psychology majors under their belt.
  4. They know exactly how to handle old clients, and new, customers.

As we said earlier, the patrons of MIT blackjack card counting are so confident in their methods that when you’re new, as a novice, you won’t even get the hang of it. MIT guys treat card counting like a business, so you can really say you were “Bolagila” a valuable skill.

  1. They operate a one armed bandit.

These card counters will patiently sit, count the cards, and then either hit or stand according to the card count. It’s all done in the dead of night. Seasoned card counters can count cards vertically, horizontally, or diagonally – and they know just what to do with each cardCSI’ve developed their own grading system to rate novice players, so you’ll quickly find yourself at the top of your game.

Another valuable advantage that card counting offers is that professionals can reveal the odds of the game to you. Since the deck is shuffled after every hand, you can actually get a rough idea of the sequence of high cards to low cards as they are being dealt. That gives you a better idea of what to expect as far as the game’s outcome goes – and also precisely what to do in relation to that count.

  1. They’re experts in their nuances.

All successful card counters have multiple trip childs. Mini-Trads, Doubleresses, Trips, the list goes on. Some of these additional hands are good for more than one deck, and some have different performace angles than the traditional hand.

  1. They’re pros at disguising their hand techniques.

When you’re trying to beat a casino-style card counting team, being able to throw them off their game is a valuable edge. Watch how they stack their cards, and then when they reveal they’ve got something, be prepared to drop your hand.

  1. They’ll know what to do with you.

The gang’s pretty flimsy when it comes to bluffing. Watch out for the telltale signs, and learn to identify and combat them.

  1. They’ll work magic with psychological warfare.

They’re experts in mind games, propagating misleading information and confusion, and having fun with confuse hands, always surprising the patrons.

  1. They’ll often be perfect in their methods, and very few are perfect, but they’re all great when you play more than one deck.
  2. They’ll usually be very good in math and statistics, and not just blackjack players.

These guys aren’t just blackjack players, they’re also experts in card counting and the longer term advantage, in addition to very good in math.

While a Murphy’s Nine method never will guarantee a win, the Say It and Move It method will help you maintain a healthy advantage, and make your guests as comfortable as possible. Enjoy!