How to Play Online Casino Craps

Craps is generally seen as a fun game and one that is easy to learn. As with most things, the secret of Craps is in the amount of knowledge you have and can passively absorb. Knowledge in playing online Casino Craps will help you to beat the House edge. And with the advent of the internet known as the box world, we now have the ability to learn and play online 2010 casino craps from the comfort of our living rooms at home. 2010 online casino craps is an exciting game. There are many competing casinos on the net offering online casino craps. slot gacor This provides you the ability to select a suitable casino from the ones that suits you.

Many Even Learned How to Play Online Casino Craps

With the craps pass line drawn, the exciting craps game can begin. Playing online casino craps is simple, it is not the same as playing craps in the casino as the dice are thrown, it is a game of chance. However, much like poker, you can develop your own strategies to help you or take the house edge down.

2010 online casino craps tip #1

Winning at craps is not as simple as it seems, if you wish to actually win at the game then you will have to have a powerful craps strategy, one that includes betting properly. Numerous books have been written on this topic alone. Knowing how to play craps involves a sound general knowledge of the game rules, how to play craps and advanced basketball tactics.ensely.

You can’t keep taking the shots at the wall, as they start to hurt you. Lowe believes this is the single thing that separate the big winners from the losers, the winners are disciplined and consistent. He believes the winners have a sound betting philosophy and win for a reason.

If you want to win at craps don’t chase your money. Don’t play parlays, but rather play singles, as you’ll win more often. Play in accordance with your bankroll which should at that time be in the region of 15 to 20 units.

2010 online casino craps tip #2

Get a good stickman and video hookup. Without a good stickman; people can’t push the dice, the machines will stop, and the game is over. Don’t even try to push the dice onto the tracks or surrounding railings as the players will probably push them to the right and/or left and you will have to waste time refunding your bets.

To state it differently, the average player has 16 total bets in a craps session. By hooking up a good stickman with a good hook (i.e. someone who can grab the dice and maneuver them to the end of the table) you can reduce the house edge significantly.

2010 online casino craps tip #3

Bet on point spreads. You can Usually bet ‘TAB’ or ‘Tight Odds Bet’. This way you can receive a return of 2.4% on your money. The only disadvantage is that your stake is partly eaten by the ‘vig’, but hey,ICHES SO COLD!