LNavratila – A Dream Come True

When you dream of a final destination from beginning to end and you desire to spend your final moments surrounded by the grandeur of the sea, sun and sand, the valley of the mountains, the beautiful landscape and the vibrant vibrant city life, there are few places that can come close, in fact few places offer all this and an even greater value for money. NavratILA, otherwise known as “The shores of volunteering” can only be described as a jewel of beaches. Adjacent to the beautiful Venetian town though, it boasts of a calm essence, untouched by the hustle and bustle of urbanization. The solitude of the land and the ocean and the magnificent beaches and not to mention the healthy eastern European standard of living all amalgpire to give this region in particular and the whole of Slovenia a really satisfying mix.

Though small in terms of area, there are several resorts in the region quoting from as low as 7000 beds to a luxurious 65000 beds in the most exclusive of resorts. With the general rule of thumb for good investments being four times the gross income, you can have an idea that you have yourselves a real estate goldmine. If you are serious about the idea, you may want to do some research on the Internet to find out more about this brilliant location. There are even a few reputable property agents specialized in property for sale in Navratila and help with all the necessary procedures connected with a good investment kudapoker.

One of the main attractions of the region is its long stretch of coastline, starting close to the flagship city ofTransaction and continuing westward along the coast until you reach the city of Budva and finally ending in the pretty town of Bovec. Along the coast, we find the pretty city of Piran, which is home to one of the most famous beaches in the world. There are several renowned resorts in the area including the Severina Spa Resort and Spa Resort Cheloak. There are several exclusive restaurants dotted along the coast and a number of small local pubs offering local food and local beer along the way. The area is very popular among tourists and is also popular among the people who live there and it is easy to understand why, when you look at all the facts.

SloveniaBelow you will find a list of some of the properties available for sale in selective locations in the area i.e.spotif Location, 90&100 Deierta and Small Hotel Rd.You will find properties both new and resale available, and when you stretch your legs it becomes apparent why transactions in Slovenia are more active than ever before.

Purchase process is straightforward and protecting the buyer’s rights is our number 1 priority. Warranty periods are 2 years and legal after sale clauses are an option at any time.

You, as the buyer, really get the best value for your money, as Slovenia is a tax friendly country. Finance options are available up to 100% buying price.

Our broker, branded Slovenian, provides you with the service of a qualified and experienced legal adviser or solicitor, as required by both overseas buyers and property owners, he also offers you the possibility of purchasing vacant land and offers estates that are not part of larger development companies.With such a stable and growing property market, property in Slovenia is a good long term investment and the developments being constructed here are impressive and the name of the builder will always be proudly associated with a successful project when you decide to move house to your dream Location inolia!