Poker Strategies – 4 Simple Tips

Are you sick of getting all your money AGAINST you when you play poker? These Poker Strategies are easy to learn, fun to play, and work in any poker room.

You are about to take a major step toward becoming a better poker player. These tips will improve your game so much that you can soon be making MONEY playing poker. You will feel more confident with your poker game and be able to handle almost any poker situation.

Poker Strategies – #1 Rica Strategy

The first strategy you should start with is to tighten up and only take small pots. Why? The best poker players play tight poker to build their bankroll. The reason they are tight is because they know that if they took a small pot they could lose a lot of money in the process. They are willing to lose a small pot because they know that in the long run it will pay off.

If you try and take on an aggressive stance and play loose you will rapidly lose your stack and be out of the tournament. It is best to start with a smaller stack and work your way up as you succeed. If you try and go for the lowest hand you will most likely lose your money. Thus, stick to the best poker strategy of taking only small pots.

Poker Strategies – #2 Turbo Sit Strategy

Once you have built your bankroll, you need to pay attention to your position. In the beginning you should be playing really tight because the blinds are so low. You can ask your self this: “Do I want to risk $300 in the beginning of the tournament or do I want to blind off and let the other players behind me suffer?”

Once you haveished off, you have enough money to take a few shots at the higher stacks. You want to try and take out the higher stacks because they will be the ones who are harder to reach. It does not matter if you take out the small stacks because at this point you have enough money to cushion any losses you may receive.

Poker Strategies – #3 Bully, Bully Aggressive

Bully players are very tough to beat since they are so aggressive. A bully play style is very tough to overcome especially in the early stages of a poker tournament. Playing against a bully is a lot different than playing against a tight player. A lot of money is lost to the loose players during the early stages. However, the tighter players are harder to beat since they will be sitting on the same money all the way to the money tables.

For example, if some of the tighter players are playing really tight, a bully can steal a lot of blinds. If a number of the tight players are taken out, then you can move up the ladder by being a bit more aggressive. At this point, you want to be playing a lot of hands. You only want to be playing a few but you want to be playing a lot of them. Being aggressive is one of the most important aspects of your poker strategy. The more you play, the better you will become. Again, the more you learn about poker, the better you will become.

Poker Strategies – #4 Secret #1

tolerated aggression…

To really utilize your aggressive potential, you will need to acceptable aggression. Taking a lot of risks is dangerous because it might scare you off. However, you will want to be aggressive for a few reasons. You want to be aggressive in the beginning because you will be a better player later on. You want to be aggressive in the middle and latter stages to maximize your winnings. And, you will only play very strong starting hands.

To find a list of the best starting hands, go to my previous article: 100 Winning Poker Hands.

There are many more secrets for success at poker, but I feel that enough is enough to start with.

I know that you are probably eager to know what the best Vegas88 strategies are and I’m sure that you’re also wondering which hands to play with which cards. Well, that’s a topic that is best answered by the experts. But, for the moment, you can read my book and discover the best poker strategies I know.