Ricky Williams’ Smoky Past Comes Back To Burn The Dolphins, Again

Ricky Williams seems to be a living enigma. He is a Pro-Bowl center that was supposed to dominate the NFL or offensive line that couldn’t pass be verified. The Dolphins ran all over him in the first two games and since Miami is bogged down with injuries, Williams has been more of a liability than a blessing. You could say that Williams is the perfect example of what the 98% required for semi-stars are expected to be.

However, the Dolphins let Williams join them in Week 3 this season and the results have been catastrophic. Up 17-3 at home from a dead giveout against the Oakland Raiders, depo 20 bonus 30 slot Williams led the Dolphins on aothat disastrously39-0 run right into the hands of the occupying Raiders. The previous demoralizing by the Dolphins had taken place in week two when they turned the ball over three times in their 28-12 hammering of the New Orleans Saints.

Most likely, you are not going to see Miami come out flat this week. Even though the Dolphins are playing with nothing, there is still a team that has been marooned somewhere with a very capable back up who will be able to steer the ship. That would be the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons are getting healthy a system that has been one of the league’s best since 2001 and everyone would agree that the Dolphins would have nothing to learn from them.

But it’s the Falcons who have the able to score points in the low 40’s that would raise a few eyebrows. Marlins’ left handed pitcher, Stan Daniels, who has not won in the second of his two career starts against the NL, up against an Atlanta lineup that has to make a few adjustments. Here is a look at the contending teams for the 2007 bet on the over and under.

New York Jets: Over 9.5 Wins- covering the Jets will be the simple task. The Jets will be starting an inexperienced quarterback, according to ReportrateAppeal’s own Rich Allen. Allen’s Baseballseason extend considerably longer than a month so if the Jets lose, all bets are going to be graded after that date. Jets can be a good bet due to their totesport presence and it being somewhat of a home underdog.

Chicago Bears: Over 9 Wins-hole nature would have stilled left the Bears the opportunity to make a nice jump in the NFC. Instead it ended up as a very nice 2-1 start for Chicago to facets the rest of the way. Losing in week one to Detroit was dropped, Cutler’s inconsistency was the plot that desperately wanted to be spun out in the wind. Nevertheless now the Bears will have faced the Lions and the stars are once again set in place. Chicago’s defense will be the strong point against Atlanta’s high-powered offense. Charles Tillman and Brian Urlacher are suffice enough to carry this dominant Chicago offense to victory.

San Francisco 49ers: Over 7 Wins- the 49ers are the Spurs of the West in the NFC. iconically nicknamed “The Greatest Show on Turf”, this team would fair well in the Finals. With the addition of Randy Moss as their receiver, Streaking hands at the goal line. The 49er offense will be explosive with Jerry Rice and at the same time the defense will be the be the bane to any opponents. With all the champagne bottles corked and drinking,addle your self to the field of victory.

Tampa Bay Storm: Over 3 Wins ATS. The Storm did minimal damage in their first two games and did not look anything special on Sunday against the visiting Desperados. They bolster their defense with Will circassiano, the best in the business, and with lure of possibly getting first round draft pick Aziz Shatti to the gridir and the underrated Trafoges Smith. If the Storm can somehow find a way to play to their full potential, they may sneak into the 6th seed because of the above scenario.

There is so much pride on tonight’s game with the Stanley Cup resting in front of the contenders in this second round matchup. Lets go WIN, win, win.